Ty is designed to create peace of mind wherever you are


sustainable power.

Ty features Bluetooth 4.0, a low-energy technology. That means the batteries can hold a charge for up six months. And since the Lithium Ion batteries are rechargeable (they only take about 40 mins to recharge), you can use Ty discs over and over and over.


Adjustable sensitivity.

Some things you want to keep close, other things you want to keep closer. Ty lets you set a sensitivity range — up to 100 feet — between you and your belongings. You’re alerted the moment the set distance is exceeded.

Safe Zones/Safe Times

You’re at home. Relax.

You don’t always have to be on high alert. When you’re at home or other places that don’t require non-stop vigilance, you can set Ty to a Safe Zone. Using GPS, Ty knows you’re in a Safe Zone and will disable the alarm so you’re not bothered. If you leave a Safe Zone without your phone or a Ty-tagged item, both will alarm before you get too far away.


Two-way alarm system.

Leave a Ty-tagged item behind, and your phone will alert you. But here’s what really sets Ty apart. The disc sounds a super loud alarm and vibrates intensely. It’ll stop you in your tracks.

App and Disc Alert

Locate items

Can’t find your keys? Press a button on the Ty app and your Ty disc will sound its super loud alarm and vibrate capability. Can’t find your phone? Press a button on a Ty disc and your phone will ring and vibrate.


supersimple pairing.

Pairing your phone with a Ty disc literally takes seconds. Just press the Ty button, open the app, turn on BlueTooth, and then select Ty disc listed under devices.

Alarm on Movement

Alarm on movement.

There are times when you don’t want your valuables to move an even inch. Like your purse when you look the other way. Just set a Ty disc to alarm on movement and the moment it’s moved, your phone will alert you.