Ty offers incomparable features.

  Ty Tile TrackR/StickR Zomm Protag Duet
Pricepoint $49 $25 $25 $79.95 $30
Operating System
iOS 7+  
Android 4.3+
Separation Alert
Distance Indicator  
Movement Alert        
Crowdfinding Coming soon    
2-way Finder (Phone & Tag)  
Custom Alerts    
Last Seen Location/Tracking  
Georeferencing (Safe Zones)      
Time Fencing (Safe Times)        
Replaceable Coincell   Disposable  

Some facts about loss

  • 3.1 Million

    Americans had their smartphones stolen in 20131
  • 1.4 Million

    Americans lost their smartphones in 20131
  • 1.24 items

    are lost by the average person a year2
  • $220.15

    is the average cost of a lost item2
  • 50%

    less than half of lost items are recovered
  • 29%

    of people back up the data on their devices
  • 75%

    of people lose or misplace things at home
    • Home
    • Work
    • Car
  • 57%

    of people miss the data more than the lost device
  • <150 Days

    People spend an average of ten minutes a day searching for lost items. Over a lifetime, that adds up to more than 150 days 3 of searching
  • Frequently lost items

    House keys
    Car Keys
    Bank card
    Diary/Personal organiser Laptop